will you...help me?
will you...help me? fiction #feelings #poetry stories
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bl4nky im just a bystander
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this is the first part of a 3part poem hope you enjoy my suffering

will you...help me?

will you lend me tears? see my eyes are dry

it's not as bad as it seems i just forgot how to cry

i really want to leave i'm so fucking tired

funny what you hear makes you want to die

too much for me to bear i just gave up on life

show me what to beleive everything looks like a lie

forgive me please well at least i tryed barely enough to survive

and i tried so hard all i could get was scars

i'm exhausted now help hold my brow

help me keep my head high ow i'm so beaten by this life

don't wanna fcking live too scared of this world

the hell is family never heared of this word

will you warm me up? will you burn my heart? will you breakthe cup? when i'm face to the ground

will you...will you

let me lay on your arms whisper to me "life ain't that hard"?

will you break me free from the cage i made?

shit i lost the key...will you...help me?

oh forgive me for the things i said you know i'm sorry and i really regret

don't know how to tie a god damn rope

don't know how to die haha even death lost hope

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