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bl4nky im just a bystander
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2cd part bit different


i'm still alive

live is backward

change the v and you will see

but i'm a fucking coward

death is colder

can't help but wonder

fate beats fears cliché

silence beats screams mayday

you know words are deadly shut that mouth and have some mercy

i scream silently i make no sound you won't notice me

king where's the queen what a tragic scene

i'm the lonely star you're the shiny moon

be my royal lady i'll be you're loyal fool

spare me your hate gimme your fucking love

and i'll wave my tail like a starving dog

well i don't wanna end up hanged i just want your hand

offer you my heart as a simple gift at least what's left of it

just to feel like i lived

i got nothing to give i never dreamed big

i know it's not enough

lemme give you my life as a last sacrifice

anything for some love even fake i won't mind

see i'm so tired

shots have been fired

pills have been swallowed

death is now followed

reaper's waiting and i'm not changing

wrists have been slit

what a twisted skit

ropes are being sold

for those who cannot hold

this is me... i don't know what i'm gun be but that's the fun part why would i want to know the end if i don't even know the start? that might be a nice surprise will i grow wise or roll the dice without knowing the price.. sleep never open my eyes and roam in the skies

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