stranger in a strange place
stranger in a strange place poetry #thoughts #feelings stories

bl4nky im just a bystander
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don't know why

stranger in a strange place

where am i?where i never wanted to go surprise look around you are alone this time i'll fix it on my own its hard i know but i try you know that

it's the beginning the end can't be perceived everyone is sick of waiting more than one will be deceived

i'm not sad maybe mad or am i just a fool?i know that life is hard and i just hide in my hood

where am i?where i never wanted to go lost sight and i think i've missed the road so tired i guess i'm letting go

it's hard i know but i'm tried you know that

i know i'm loved by friends sooner or later they fade away something that lasts more than a weekend a new actor in the play

i'll write the words unspoken i'll fix the hearts the broken i know i'll be forgotten...yea i don't care

don't know why i took the time to write this song it's allright if you wanna sing along i'm fine i don't really wanna know

i'm mad i know that so bad i know that

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