miss me
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bl4nky im just a bystander
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for all the ones who lost their mothers

miss me

i wish if you could read these words so you can know how much it hurts

to live in a world without you how will it end? i have no clue

you gained my trust brought me happiness with your love

broke my loneliness with a hug held my hand

promised you won't leave held me when couldn't stand

i was your soft knight of steel even if death takes you away

i'll kneel to your grave everyday holding a white rose in the rain

i cry and still hope to see you again my tears keeps on watering your roses

it's unfair but what life imposes i'll keep holding on for a lifetime it's not that long

i still beleive that your not gone just lost somewhere within i can still feel you breath

you'll stay alive as long as my heart beats i know you're in a better place

but no matter how big is the space between us i can still hear your voice like a whisper in my head

still feel your hand cleaning the tears i shed our love is undead i won't ever forget you

have no dread

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