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bl4nky im just a bystander
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got bored in class so those lines passed by my head


if our mistakes were grouped in a book we wouldn't dare to take a look

but making mistakes is not shame doing it over and over still ok but doing it the same way you take the blame

we don't care because of our nature we'll all pay like we get paid for our labor we'll all pay we all need a savior

and the stings that caused our suffering won't be sufficient as long as our sins keeps on setting ablaze the flame of punishment

wished you never saw but u did

wished you never pulled but u hit

wished you never cut but you slit

you don't have time nore a wish

remorses won't go just sit

we're all feeling low we get so sick

we'll all be victimes of that massacre truth will be the only mask cracker

when the death day comes we'll have nowhere to go and the godly light's gun purge us all

we all got that urge to go back and fix it too late had to choose and you picked it

you could go back to the road...no you're addicted

got heaven in front of you but you missed it

death or life matter of time

we're all gun die but someone's gun smile and the other's gun cry

it depends on what you've done what u could've while you were having fun

let those tears run down your face smiles are no more than a bait keep on feeding your hate complaining bout your state this ain't changing your fate

hear what i have to say time to take stand if you won't make a move nobody will for you what you gun do?

too late to think bout that

now that you're 66feet deep down in hell devil counting 99 cheers' to the soul you'll sell

so before you gotta live these bad dreams i don't wanna have to describe those sad scenes

know all you gotta do to avoid this nightmare don't make god an ennemy but a partner

just try to stay on the path and be aware choose wisely devil's everywhere...

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