childish description
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bl4nky im just a bystander
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i was 13 where i wrote btw this is the translated verion the original one is in frensh i love roses btw

childish description

oh love scarlet rose so pretty

your sweet soothing scent makes me enjoy life

but your thorns reminds me that he can be hurtful

ah friendship or love

as different as night and day

all I want is to hold you in my hands

I ask neither more nor less

you are the only company I need

I no longer feel obliged to go further in search of my utopia

I realized that she was right here

at your side time has no hold on me

be my crown make me your king

oh beautiful petals blaze

to see you fade grieves me intensly

but whatever I do I can not help it

because every good thing has an end

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