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I decided to make another project for kids. This time, it’s an alphabet story.


“Oh boy. If I don’t get a good grade on my art project, my mom will take away my internet privileges for a week.”

“This homemade alphabet book I made will help me out.”

A is for Accordion, Alligator, Apple, Arrow, and Axe.

B is for Banana, Bat, Bird, Book, Bottle, Bricks, and Bubbles

C is for Carrot, Cat, Chalk, Clock, Cork, Corn, and Crown.

D is for Diamond, Dice, Dish, Donut, Door, Dragon, Drum, and Duck.

E is for Ear, Easel, Eel, Egg, Eggplant, Elephant, and Eraser.

F is for Fence, Fish, Flag, Flower, Football, Fork, and Frog.

G is for Gate, Gloves, Goat, Grapes, Grass, Guitar, and Gum.

H is for Hamburger, Hammer, Harp, Hat, Heart, Horseshoe, and Horn.

I is for Ice Cream, Icicles, Igloo, Iguana, and Iron.

J is for Jack, Jeep, Jelly, Jet, Jukebox, and Jump Rope.

K is for Ketchup, Kettle , Key, Kite, and Koala

L is for Lemon, Lightbulb, Lightning, Lion, Log, Lollipop, and Lunchbox.

M is for Marbles, Medal, Microphone, Milk, Mop, Monkey, Mud, and Music.

N is for Nail, Napkin, Nest, Net, Nose, and Nuts.

O is for Oar, Oatmeal, Octopus, Oil, Olive, and Orange.

P is for Pail, Peach, Peas, Penguin, Pillow, Pizza, and Plug.

Q is for Quail, Quart, Quarter, Question Marks, and Quilt.

R is for Rabbit, Rainbow, Rake, Rocket, Rope, and Rug.

S is for Shovel, Sled, Slide, Snake, Snow, Sun, and Surfboard.

T is for Tambourine, Teeth, Telephone, Tie, Tomato, and Turtle.

U is for Ukulele, Umbrella, Unicorn, and Unicycle.

V is for Vase, Vine, Violets, Violin, Volcano, Vote, and Vulture.

W is for Watermelon, Well, Wheel, Whistle, Wig, Window, and Worm.

X is for Xerus, X-Ray, and Xylophone.

Y is for Yardstick, Yarn, and Yo-Yo.

And, Z is for Zebra, Zipper, Zither, and Zombie.

“Yes! My art project got a 100%. Mom will be so proud of me.”

“Nice work, Jessica. You keep your privileges.”

“Oh no, she don’t, mother!”

“She forgot something on the last page that also starts with the letter Z.”

“What are you referring to, wise guy?”

“Zero!” “Oh.”

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