Petrichor ~My first contest entry

~My first contest entry petrichor stories

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My attempt for the prompt "Petrichor", for @silver_nebula's contest ^^

Petrichor ~My first contest entry

I remember, When our eyes first met, On that rainy day, Even when the sky was grey, You somehow took my breath away

You were the only one I went to, When I was broken and when I felt blue, With each day our love grew, We didn't realise how fast the time flew

You were my spring, my summer and my winter, I didn't realise this could be sweet and bitter, I should've taken a hint, That this was just a forming storm.....

I needed to know that you'd disappear, And the beauty in you was just an illusion, An illusion that my blurry eyes created, I shouldn't have ended up here, I should've known that we were never fated

It's funny how it ended this way, It felt like I just fell in love with you yesterday, I didn't know I'd be crying because of you today, I've been put through so much that words can't convey

And now when it rains, The memories of the day we met replays in-front of me, Reminds me of how we held onto each other in our happiness and pains, And the way we felt free

And now when the rain fades away, I get swept by the soothing and earthly smell, It reminds me of the feeling of love, Which was cast on me like a spell

And now, When I meet you again, After that rainy day has faded away, I know we'll never be the same as what we were before,

I know we'll never be the same as what we were before, Because to us, This relationship was soothing, But sadly it had to fade away, It had to be over, If it had to be a lesson..

I know we'll never be the same as what we were before, Because this love was supposed to fade away, Just like the petrichor

Heyyy! Tysm for reading this! This poem is a small attempt for @silver_nebula's poetry contest... I hope you liked it :) If you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed making this, Please leave a like :) Ilyyy Have a great dayy!! <3

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