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bivegetable Broken mind with a sharpened pencil
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How can I stand

When your words pound nails into my legs

How can I speak

When your judgement causes my symphony to cease

Barriers that impede my very existence

When women speak up

They are met with a wave of dissonance

My biological reality is a threat to many

Our voice to the male gaze

Is so uncanny

You deny our oppression

As it stands

But you don't know what its like

To be afraid of the world

Never to walk the streets alone

To never experience safety

In and out of our homes

You say that allegations ruin your lives

But the court favors those in power

And will dig their knives

Into the trauma

Ripping the innocence out of the hearts of the women

And then in a few months

The allegation was never mentioned

As the man moves on to his next victim

And the cycle continues

To get his next fixing

Whether you want it or not

This is the life of all women

Pushed into the shadows

And left to rot

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