Do not enter.
Do not enter. 

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bittersweetpoet Community member
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Death is tempting until you’re on the other side

Do not enter.

Depression, Is like opening a door, That says do not enter. You pull pull pull, Until your arms give out. Weak. Loss of strength. You can see them on the other side, Laughing. Can’t they see me?

Let me in. Cotton candy, Carnival rides, Happy times, Depression. One wall away From laughs Happiness Clouds of joy. Can’t they see me? Let me in!

Slowly, they inch forward. Join us. Pull pull pull. It won’t open. Let! Me! In! Desperation. Bang.

The door opens. I paint a smile With the ruby red nectar flowing from my crown. Can you see me? Join us!

Happiness begins. They let me in. Depression? Bloodied heads, Piles of puke, Lots of laughs, Lots of cries— From below.

My mother, she weeps, Her baby is gone. My father, he drowns The pain with alcohol. My sister, she wonders How she could have done better. My brother, broken, He could not protect his sister. Happiness. Freedom.

Pull pull pull. Another has a go at the gate. Run. I mouth with subtlety. Live. Love. Do not enter.

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