Untethered shortstory stories

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Once there were two boats drifting in the sea.

The smaller boat was tethered to the larger one. It needed wind to sail but the sea was calm. The bigger boat had an engine so it was happy to help the smaller boat along.

They spoke to one another across the pellucid sea, the smooth air reflected in the water. A silent fog swirled around them now and then like a cocoon and the little boat felt safe and grateful for the bigger boat’s protection.

The bigger boat looked down and felt a great affection for the little sailboat. And the captain wished the fog would stay awhile. A breeze rose up and the fog turned to mist and began to unravel. The smaller boat raised its sails and released the tether.

It saluted the bigger boat as it began to gather speed. ‘Goodbye ‘ shouted the captain. But the words were lost to the wind. The little boat’s sails were full and it was carried away until it became a speck on the horizon.

And the bigger boat, having fulfilled its purpose, chugged slowly back to shore.

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