NanoWriMo I'm Coming for You!
NanoWriMo I'm Coming for You! mystery stories

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Who else is in this year? NanoWriMo

NanoWriMo I'm Coming for You!

After much going back and forth and hashing out ideas I've decided to pay attention to what my subconscious has been telling me and run with a story I began last summer. It's called 'Rachel'.

It begins in a lawyers office where several siblings have gathered for the reading of their mother's will.

There are bequests to each of them, though the bulk of the estate is left to their sister Rachel, who has been missing the last 11 years.

The siblings in attendance are infuriated but it gets worse. There is a caveat to the will. None of them gets a penny unless Rachel is found.

If it is discovered that she is dead, the remaining assets will be divided among the surviving siblings.

Each of them has good reason for not wanting Rachel to be found dead or alive. But did one of them actually kill her? Stay tuned.

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