Christmas Now and Then
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Do you remember?

Christmas Now and Then

Once, when the Odell children were little, Santa came. He wore big boots and left footprints in the glitter that trailed behind him like pixie dust.

The presents he left overflowed out from under the Christmas tree and into the sitting room and onto the sofa. The stockings were filled with candy and warm socks and mittens and a new book.

But then something changed.

And every year Santa seemed less real to the children, who were growing up. And the pile of presents under the tree grew smaller bit by bit.

Mama Odell didnt know what to do.

Because, as everyone knows, Mothers know how Christmas works. They know Santa Claus as surely as they know themselves.

Christmas became something that felt sad instead of happy. The Odell children had other places to be.

There was no more glitter, no magic. Just Mama and Papa Odell sitting by themselves watching movies, wondering what their children were up to.

There must be some way I can find Santa again, thought Mama Odell. But know matter how she tried or what she did things just weren't the same. And then....

One of the Odell children had grown up enough to have a baby of their own!

And Santa came again! The magic returned to Christmas. For as anyone knows by now, Santa lives in those who believe.

Even when they grow up. Even when they have houses of their own. Even though they have other things to do. It doesn’t matter, because all that time Santa and the spirit of Christmas is growing inside of them.

And this year the Odell Christmas will be the most magical of all!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!!! However you celebrate the season, may it be filled with joy!

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