The Shack (2/2)

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A story where 3 teens went to explore one of the most talked about places in their town, only to never be seen again. Find out what happens to them.

The Shack (2/2)


The lock broke, and fell down to the floor. Cole gawked at what he did, and then started dancing.

His brown hair flopped all around his face as he jiggled around the front porch, and I couldn't help but giggle at the sight of that.

"See guys, these 2 arms did all that!" Cole said excitedly.

"Yeah, yeah, tough guy. Now open the door!" Charles and I yelled.

Cole didn't need to though. The door creaked open by itself, and took him by surprise.

"AHH! I-I mean.. See guys! Nothing! Just stupid rumors." Cole said as he continued his little dance on the porch.

Charles and I turned away and started walking away.

"I can't wait to tell everyone from school. This was stup-"

We noticed that Cole stopped speaking, and turned around just in time to see something disturbing.

A black, tall, figure grabbed onto Cole's shoulder, it's red, shining eyes gazed upon his neck, and grabbed hold of his head and slammed it hard onto his shoulder.

It bit down, and struggled to grab a chunk of his neck since the jugular veins were in the way. It ripped open his neck, and broke apart the veins.

Blood spewed out, and you could sense the pain in Coles eyes.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH---" Cole screamed as loud as he could, his eyes popping from all the pain as he slowly bled out.

I turned to Charles, and he knew exactly what I was thinking. We needed to run. I gazed once more at the figure, and it looked back at me. It cocked its head to its side, and looked at us.

I could tell it was grinning, from the way its eyes squinted. It knew we were there, and I knew it wanted us as well.

I grabbed Charles hand and ran as fast as I could. I let go, and we both ran faster than our legs could ever move.

Adrenaline pumped inside of us, and we knew we couldn't go down the same way Cole did. Eaten. Alive.

I noticed that Charles kept glancing over his shoulder, but he looked over once more at the wrong time. He stumbled over onto a branch, and popped his ankle right out of its socket.

I stopped to help him. I noticed the figure coming closer, and Charles knew it was right behind him as well. I bent down over, and gave him our final hug.

"Go... save yourself. T-tell my parents I love them, and that I- I'll always be there for him. Just... make it out alive. This will buy you time." Charles whispered over to me, as he let go.

I stumbled back, and gazed from afar as the figure popped up. It ripped over Charles inside, grabbed his stomach, and bit through it, like it was a juicy pear.

I cried out, but quickly covered my mouth. I ran as fast as I could, tears streaming down my face, and making my vision blurry.

I had no idea where I was going, and I could hear the crunches of leaves making its way towards me. I saw a streetlight, and quickly ran over to it, and spotted a house.

I knocked as hard as I could, but I didn't get a response. I looked back to the woods, and saw a red glare from behind the trees. I pounded as hard as I could, but still no response.

The figure must've realized no one was answering. It walked over. Its arms fell on the ground, thats how long they were. Its neck was twice the size of mine.

Its head rocked from side to side slowly with every step it took. It was over for me. I blanked out.

I woke up with excruciating pain, only to notice my right leg was gone. Right across from me, was the figure, eating it like it was a chicken leg. It saw me, and walked over.

It leaned over on top of me. Black goo dripped from its mouth, and onto my face, as it grinned at me. It raised its arms over my head, and grazed my face softly.

As I calmed down, hoping nothing else was going to happen, it raised its arms once more, and stabbed my eyeballs with its thumbs.

It put its over fingers inside of my eyelids, and closed on both of my eyeballs like a fist. I felt the muscles slowly be sliced open, and I knew what was going to happen.

"So, this, this is how I die? My parents.. They don't even know where I am.. I love them so much. Hopefully they won't worry too much about me. We should've never went here in the first place.

We should've never listened to those rumors. We should've known rumors are mostly always just lies!" I thought in my head as the pain was increasing.

I lived my final moments, screaming out in agony. I took my final breath, and felt my eyeballs get ripped out of their sockets as they got stretched out to their limits, and blacked out. Forever.

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