What Greed Has Done
What Greed Has Done short stories

bing Bing does write.
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A quick idea I had for a confrontation between some characters or something, might use it for later works I don't know.

What Greed Has Done

The unwavering eye contact with each other never faltered. With one restrained in the arms of the other, there was no room but to wonder what will happen, or why did it happen.

Neither seemed to want to fight, neither seemed to know what's right, but the one keeping the other from moving knew that their words couldn't be held much longer.

Not caring if their words would save or destroy the other's will to understand, they lean close to whisper into the other's ear.

"You should have never born with the purpose you think you hold. The greed that other's had created you for has made the closest thing to a living God in the human world.

A God that isn't worth the love from the creatures of this dying planet,

a God created on the principles of what is destroying this world is a God that shouldn't be remembered for being something."

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