i wouldn't want to disappoint
i wouldn't want to disappoint  short story stories

bing Bing does write.
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i wouldn't want to disappoint those who've expected so little or so much of me.

i wouldn't want to disappoint

I wouldn't hope for it, I would wait for it if that's what satisfies. Living in this moment, living in the present doesn't affect the future, questioning the past does.

If only it was easy as they say, bound by my feet I'd grow wings but I'm too scared to take the leap; I may walk this tightrope but I wouldn't dare expect myself to give up halfway.

Even if it looks like someones going to catch me I won't, I'll earn my wings unlike them.

I won't question nor live in the past, I may live in this moment but I dream of the future, there's just too much distance left to skip over; too many things I would miss out on.

And the people cheering me on to get to the finish line without cheating would be so disappointed, some might even follow in my footsteps. So...

I'll just wait, I'll dream of my next step forward.

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