Duality Antinomy
Duality Antinomy serialpoetry stories

binaryfacade I have a very peculiar mind
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Part 4 of the series of Being Meltdown opener.

Duality Antinomy

This world full of lies brought me back to where my guilt was.

The refusal of your death now haunts me the same way as it does in alpha.

The convergence of my meta self prose In its destruction.

The sight of the red didn't ease the suffering which longed for both reality and artificial intellect.

The world unknown to me resounding it's captivity entrapped by lines.

At your grave there I stood trying to catch the light as it lit up my eyes.

Before I wake up in this duality of antinomy let's make a promise.

Forget about me through the electrodes placed on us.

To turn me back in my world line without you.

This one message to turn us back in time.

How we first met a brushed off on the shoulder.

As I ran and ran to find you.

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