Achievement Point
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binaryfacade I have a very peculiar mind
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Part 3 of the series from Being Meltdown opener.

Achievement Point

As the plot goes on operation to climb back in time where possibilities were infinite

The red has dried up where is my hope now? To my thought my demise was to follow so plans may intercede among the line in paradox.

The pretend is now over where I fall to my knees as I bleed to fools worth for you and me now I'm in awe to myself the rest are but numbers as we count to eight on initials where the last one

as I hand to you the questions I fill my head with where no memory of the weeks had passed that matters where you are breathing.

Even to the unknown where the world, you are there somewhere you finally found me and it's alright to say it's me the operation succeeded on where no one knows what the future holds

the infinite possibilities of this achievement point just as this reunion holds. Where are you Amadeus?

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