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About Me...

By Billie Hustwitt

Fast Facts

Full Name: Billie-Jo Hustwitt DOB: 28/03/00 Gender: Female Ambitions: Do something with my life Siblings: Lewis, Kelsey, Arron, Kai, Teddy, Freddie & one on the way.


Number: 7 Colour: Blue Male Music Artist: Shawn Mendes Female: Zara Larsson Group: Little Mix Author: Haven't got one... Song: Treat You Better - Shawn Album: Handwritten - Shawn

Family Life

Me, Lewis&Arron have the same Mum&Dad, there was Archie too. Kelsey&Kai are my step-siblings. Freddie is my Mum&Step-Dads. Teddy is my Dad's&his Ex's. My Dad's other half is pregnant.

Skills and Hobbies

I enjoy Reading, Writing, Music and Drama. I also like to plat football every once in a while as it lets me occupy my mind. When I'm doing something I love, I happen to block the world out.


I am a Wattpad writer. I have multiple accounts. Although, I only really use one... @billiehustwitt Feel free to follow & check out my books. Reading is the best escape. Writing is cool too.

No Regrets

I have a lot of stuff I could possibly regret, I know other people that regret similar situations. However, I don't see why you should regret the past. In reality, we can't run from it.

Thank you...

I'd just like to say a quick thanks for reading this. I hope you've gained a better understanding of me as a person... Goodbye, for now :)

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