Pure lust stories

billie_4 Community member
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Being 19 and lusting after a 16 year old virgin boy. Perceived as ridiculous by your peers. You feel ashamed that you welcome the attention, probably because you're lonely. At a certain point you start to feel abnormal.


I did a bad bad thing. I did a bad bad thing.

Not yet acted out but so often the thought has crossed my mind. Why? I ask. Am I so desperate, that a boy younger in years could seduce me?

I want him in my bed but no one else must know. It's like a crime. Unforgivable it is. I know there is no future, yet I lust.

He holds me tight, for everyone to see. I rest my head on his shoulder, as if I fall asleep. Should I worry? Is something wrong with me?

No, I think not, lonely is the word. And he is pure, never touched, not yet corrupted, still unaware of the power of he holds.

Pure! Could that be it, the reason why.

Could it be magic? ... NO

Could it be pleasant? ... Oooh Yes!

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