This is for you.
This is for you. thank you stories
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bigsteppa Community member
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I miss you!

This is for you.

I want to tell you this. I want to make this a post to you. To the person I am so thankful for. Really. Stop trying to imagine who I am talking to. I am talking to you. Reading this right now.

Through your screen, I am speaking directly to you. If I had wronged you, I know I did. I am sorry.

Please reach out to me, I miss you! I hope you can forgive me, as I have forgiven you a million times over for what I think you did to me. We are pieces to our everything.

I was in a different place, before, during and now after. We have transcended. Both of us, I know we have. Forgiveness is in our body, you know me, it's just the right thing to do.

If our wrongs bonds are stronger than these words today, the offer still stands with time, as their best friend heals no bound.

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