Mommy, Pick Me Up!
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When you're a toddler wailing and making a fuss, but you find out it's a stranger, not your mom. Oopsies!

Mommy, Pick Me Up!

It's dim. Very dim. You're in a grocery store or a supermarket- your little three year old self can't tell the difference.

All you know is that Mommy and Daddy are shopping, pushing along the big, big cart, and you're following alongside Mommy, trying hard not to lose sight of her.

There's not that many people there, though. At most, maybe two or three others in this section of the store. You don't know about the other sections. Mommy and Daddy are talking. Chatting.

Conversing. You sag a bit, and follow Mommy more slowly. It's been a long day, and your chubby little toddler legs are weary and tired. You don't think you can walk any more.

You just want to go home, or maybe snuggle with Mommy.

You pout, and your tiny lips pucker up, ready to make a big fuss and wail and cry that you wanna go home, and you want Mommy or Daddy to pick you up.

You quickly run in front of Mommy and stand up as tall as you can, which is somewhere around Mommy's knees. You aren't really paying attention to that. You look up, up, up...

into Mommy's familiar face.

You wrinkle up your face, squeeze your eyes shut, and start bouncing up and down, your little arms raised high and demanding, "Pick me up! Pick me up! Pick me up!"

You continue this for quite a while. There's no reaction. Your eyes are still closed, and you doubt you can keep on jumping and screaming.

You stop, and open your eyes, expecting to see Mommy's familiar face. Instead, you have no idea who's looming above you.

Who is this strange lady? She's definitely not Mommy! You're speechless with confusion. You're also really embarrassed. You just made a big fuss in front of a stranger! You look around the dim aisle. There they are! Your parents somehow ended up several feet away.

You run to them, tears forming. You get ready to wail out "Mommy! Daddy!" but something stops you. You instead decide to just hug their legs with all your itty bitty strength.

The hug is wonderful. Maybe you can make it to the end of their shopping. Just as long as you're with Mommy and Daddy, you can do anything.


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