Shitty day
Shitty day sad stories

bigbadkeys Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   3 months ago
First poem I’ve shared. Had a bad day and thought this might help

Shitty day

Self doubt and pain

Arrive within the fog

The dark clouds arrive fast

More weight is added

And your mind is stretched

Your thoughts lose all substance

Except those that you fear

Worthless piece of shit

Becomes your mantra

But, hasn't it always

Was that the real you

That dared step from the shadows

Briefly just to give you a glimpse

The happiness you felt needs dealt with

And he will persecute you gladly

The sights, the smells, the thoughts

Now awash with an oily coat

Nothing makes sense except the dark

This is your home, your relief, your life

The rest was a facade. A dream

Life is pain and pain is good

Or that's what you told yourself to survive

Survival is all you know

The fog and the darkness are your blankets

Because your alone and the world is cold

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