A KotLC Fanfiction (Part 8)
A KotLC Fanfiction (Part 8) keeper of the lost cities stories

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This is the eight part of my KotLC Fanfictions.

A KotLC Fanfiction (Part 8)

They all just stared at one another.

“So, um, how’s it going?” Keefe said, very embarrassed.

“I—” Fitz just walked out angrily.

“I should get going. Thanks for inviting me over, Foster,” Keefe said.

“I should probably get going too,” Biana said. Dex followed without saying a word.

Sophie couldn’t say anything. She was super embarrassed. She just sat down on the floor and started picking her eye lashes. She knew she was not supposed to be doing that, but the urge was too strong.

Then she thought, “I’m not going to sit here like a person who should be felt sorry for. I am going to walk to Keefe’s house. We are going to talk about it like civilized people—well, elves,”

Sophie walked to the door and knocked. Lady Gisela answered.

“Sophie! What a wonderful surprise! Keefe isn’t here. I thought he was at Havenfield with you,” Lady Gisela said, answering the door.

“But I thought he was here,” Sophie said worriedly.

“Wait, if Keefe isn’t here, nor at Havenfield. Where could he be?” Lady Gisela asked, with obvious concern in her voice.

“I’m going to check Everglen,” Sophie said.

“Ok, I’ll check the Shores of Solace,” Lady Gisela replied.

Sophie used her imparter to get to Everglen. She knocked on the door and Alden answered.

“Hello Sophie. I have not seen you in a while. What brings you to Everglen?” Alden asked.

“Is Keefe here? He’s gone missing. He ins’t at Havenfield. He isn’t at his house. He probably isn’t at the Shores of Solace. Is he here?” Sophie asked desperately.

“No, not that I know of, but I’ll ask Fitz if he’s here. How about you come in and I’ll help in any way I can,” Alden offered.

“No. I mean, there’s one more place possible that I should check,” Sophie lied.

“Ok,” Alden said, “but is everything all right with you?”

Sophie wanted to scream, “NO! NOTHING IN MY LIFE IS OK! NOTHING! NOT MY PARENTS, NOT MY LOVE LIFE! NOTHING!” Instead she said, “Yes, I’m just worried about Keefe.”

“Ok, that’s understandable. Well, good luck and goodbye Sophie,” Alden replied.

“Bye, Alden,” Sophie replied.

Alden walked up to Fitz’ room and asked, “Is Sophie all right? She didn’t want to come in, and she said that Keefe is missing. Do you know anything about it?”

“Wait, Keefe is missing!” Fitz yelled

“Yes, Sophie stopped by asking if he was here,” Alden replied.

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