The Bible Summary

bibleShort Summary Of The Bible Itself
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A very very short summary of the Bible. Missing a lot of pieces

The Bible Summary

The shortest summary of the bible there is

God created the earth, heaven, and all life in 6 days

Adam and Eve are placed in the garden of Eden, Adam eats an evil fruit. Men become wicked.

God makes a flood to wipe out all the evil. He allows Noah to save various living things.

Noah has offspring which leads to power struggles, marriage drama, and more.

He saw certain people were enslaved and had miserable lives. He called upon Moses to free the people.

Many hundred years later, Jesus was born. The son God. He was ordered to be crucified. After his death, they found his tomb was empty.

Apostles spread the word of Jesus Christ. Paul was one such missionary. Jesus' death on the cross and his resurrection proved victorious. To strengthen the world and reign supreme.


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