You Have To Let Me Go
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• Let's all face it, a death of someone we love so much can't be accepted to be true in a split second. But sometimes, when we hold that grief for too long, it's not only us who'll be suffering. Let me tell you another story. •

(Goodness gracious never let me write a story for 2 hours straight my eyes hurt)

You Have To Let Me Go

A story by biancatheresehc

Her goodbye just wasn't enough for me.

As I still can't accept she's gone.


In paradise.

Somewhere I long to be with her.

And sometimes. . .

I not only question my faith in humanity,

but I begin to question myself as well.

. . .

But that all changed.

One day, all my grief and sadness changed.

It changed into acceptance.

Just that one day.

. . .

Standing under a magnificent weeping willow was an old bench. It was a rather comfortable one as well, yet not a lot made time to relax and see the beauty in life while sitting there.

Everyone was just too busy to remember the beauty of the world. Looking down In their iPads, being so distracted by their loud music and being stuck in another world as they talk to their phones.

Now in that world, was a man that loved his wife.

He loved her like the sunflower staring at the sun everyday.

He loved her as if she were the most precious diamond.

He loved her as if she was the brightest star.

He loved her as if she was his own soul.

And he'd give up his entire life only for her.

Now, his wife loved him just as the same. . . but the only thing that kept them now apart as they grew old, was a sickness looming over in her body.

It did not change his love for her a single bit.

In fact, their love grew stronger over the bond they shared as he took care of his dying wife.

. . .

They were both happy, until one day. . .

"Darling, do you think. . . my quest here on earth is done?"

The man looked at his wife with a shocked face as he didn't know how to respond. He continued washing the dishes after a wonderful brunch, until his wife spoke again.

"Be honest, love. You know I need to go."

The man stopped and turned around to face her slowly.

"I don't want you to leave. I want to go wherever you go."

His wife wore a warm smile on her face and she wrapped her hand around his.

"And I love you for that. But you know I need to go alone."

"I don't think so." he argued making her laugh.

. . .

And that all happened just one day.

"Love, I promise, your going to be safe!"

The man ran after the hospital bed being rushed into the emergency room. For an old man like him, he couldn't run like he used to, but was just in time to keep up with his wife.

He outstretched his hand for her to take. . .

But it was too late as she missed and left her husband.

He stood in the hospital hall, feeling cold, and alone.

. . .

• A F E W W E E K S L A T E R •

"I... No... You can't leave me!"

Beep. Beep.

"Again! In 3... 2... 1!"

Zzzzz. Beep. Beep.

"Please. . . I need you. . . You can't leave me. . ."

Beep. . . Beeep. . . Beeep. . .

"One last chance! In 3, 2, 1!"

Zzzzz. Beep. . . Beep. . . Be-

_____________________. . .

"No! Don't... Don't leave me... Please! I... I-"

. . .

• S E V E R A L D A Y S L A T E R •

"You aren't playing this fair. I wanted to go with you!"

The old man threw his hands in the air outrageously, as he talked to his wife, while sitting under the wooden park bench.

People walking by walked around the old man, assuming he was crazy, and shot him horrible looks.

But to be honest, it didn't bother him.

He just loved to talk to his wife.

"You know, today, the radio was playing your favorite song. I would've imagined us just dancing! Oh, and I nearly burned my breakfast again. These days, I might've burned the house down!"

Despite saying all these, he heard his wife respond all the time. She never left him silent.

"Really?" her voice asked him, sounding like a giggle at his failed attempts in cooking. "Yes! I still need your help!" The two laughed just like they did before, sitting in this very bench.

"Oh, I miss you so much." the man croaked all of a sudden. "Wha- Oh don't ruin the mood!" his wife cried out, quite upset his mood changed faster than hers, and she was the woman in this.

"I'm sorry. . . I just. . . I want to see your beautiful face again, and I," he buried his face in his hands, "feel like I can't survive another day without you. I miss you so so much."

Tears streamed down his face slowly. His wife, not replying, watched him feeling so drenched in pain that she wanted to just wipe his tears away.

So she did.

A warm hand caressed his cheek to wipe his tears away, and the man jumped in surprise. It was a real hand. It felt so familiar until. . .

It was her.

Standing in front of him.

With no pain in any corner of her body.

And she just looked so beautiful.

"I... You aren't real."

His wife was taken aback by his statement,

and smacked him across the face.

"Ow!" he yelped in pain. His hand rubbed his cheek and he actually felt it. He felt the pain. He wasn't dreaming!

"Not real?! Why, I"ll be beating the life out of you-"

His wife was interrupted when the man stood on his feet so quickly, and enveloped her in a hug. A warm needed hug they both longed to feel again.

And without hesitation, he cried out: "I love you!"

"I love you too." she whispered in his ear ever so endearingly that he began to cry again. "Oh, now don't cry now, love!"

"I'm scared" he breathed in the hug. "Scared? Of what? Is there a-" "I'm scared of losing you again. That you have to leave. Please. I want to go with you."

"... love..." the woman replied. She pulled away from the hug and looked into his eyes. He was acting like a poor lost boy. And she couldn't help it anymore but let tears fall down as well.

"Please..." The woman cupped his cheek in her hand and spoke in a gentle voice: "If you want to go with me, you have to let me go."

As of course, the man became more upset. "Then I'll lose you!" "No, I won't let you. Trust me."

"See! This is what I was scared of!" "And I'm going to show you why you shouldn't be scared."

"Lov-" "Darling, you have to let me go."

"I... I can't!" "Yes you can! All you need to do is breath, and accept that I'm gone. That I'm in a better place."

"I already have." "Don't lie to me. I wouldn't be here if you have."

"I-" "You have to let me go."

"If I do, will I join you?" "Are you this desperate to be with me? You know the consequences."

"I don't care. I love you, and that's all that matters."

"You know, I love you."

"I know. That's why I say: I love you too."

. . .

And you know what happened?

The man went missing.

He wasn't in the old home.

But the people that searched for him investigated the bench,

saw something engraved at the very seat.


Though they didn't understand it, the couple did not care.

Because the very next day,

they were united at last.

And both of them hugged each other for a long time,

knowing they were never going to be pulled away.

So to stop the pain you feel after someone you love, You have to learn to let them go. Because like letting a bird free, You have to open your hand & let them fly free somewhere better.

The End. . .

for now, I guess.

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