What Will Define You
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Nervous. Anxious. Depressed. I feel it. Of course I do, and in case you do too, this is what I used to tell myself.

What Will Define You

by biancatheresehc

I tried to stop it, but it has not stopped for days whilst angering me. "Names. Looks. Grades. Work. Job. Hair. Face. Bod. They shape who you are! Just look at us!"

"What you said," I spat in disgust, "are lies." My eyes watched her face contort into an evil expression as though it was her plan to piss me greatly.

"And why shall 'I' lie to 'you'?... To us?" I looked at the mirror angrily. "Reasons I will one day find out why! You are nothing than my reflection and you will stay that way!"

"I can say the same." she said through the mirror, her voice dripping with victory.

"They all define who you are... You... You worthless idiot... You weirdo... You loser.... You moron...-" she whispered until her gaze wandered to my hand gripping onto the vanity.

"ENOUGH WITH YOU!" I cried then walked away. My reflection stared at me as I paced around the room while mumbling words under my breath.

"My name does not define me... for even if it were something else, I'd still be me."

"My looks will not define me... because true appearances are shown from the inside that even a blind man will see."

"My grades in education shall never define me... because no matter how intelligent I am, though it may save my life, I do not need an A+ to be a loving wife, husband, daughter, son, or lover."

"My work and job ought to not define me... because you never know the story behind someone serving you everyday restlessly, and you shall not judge them."

"My hair, my face, and my body have no power to define who I am. Why? Because bodies wither and break down. Souls do not." I stopped my pace, looked up, then snapped my head to the mirror.

I walked towards my reflection and threw a fist at the hard smooth surface.

"But my choices do define me." I pulled back my hand and punched it again.

"The people I surround myself with will define me." I pounded harder.

"My actions towards others shall define me."

"My values ought to define me."

After so many pounds and punches, I pulled back and watched the mirror to be fully smashed. The reflection no more and my fist suffering in pain. "The love I give will have power to define me."

"And no matter what you all say," I lifted the heavy vanity with no mercy, while I could hear pleads to not do what I had in mind.

"I am my own person. And though I may be humble, generous, and merciful," I entered the high balcony and looked at the depths of the darkness.

"I will not let anyone meddle with what will define who I am. Not even my own reflection."

I lifted the vanity over my head, and within a blink, the only things I could hear were a muffled scream of agony and the smashing of a mirror.

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