I Love You More Than Myself
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There will be someone you don't always notice that loves you more than themselves.

I Love You More Than Myself

by biancatheresehc

Oh, well... hi. *smiles awkwardly*

C-Can I ask you a-a question?

Yes? Thanks.

Have you ever loved anyone more than yourself?

Really? *widens eyes* Who?

Oh... you mean another human... oh.

*whispers* You wanna know a secret?

I love my human too.

You know, ever since they took me from my old home, they loved me as if I was their own.

They fed me.

Give me my own house.

Give me water.

Walked with me.

Take me where they go.

And love me unconditionally.

You know...

I love them too. So much.

One time, they dressed me up one night like the rest of the neighborhood to get candy. I absolutely hated the costume. But you know? I wore it. Just for them to be happy.

Unlike others, I don't live in a fancy house too. I just have a simple hard bed with my food and water beside me... But you know? I would never trade it for the world.

Do you know I sometimes have undivided attention? Sometimes, they go somewhere without me. They often ignore me when I call out to them. But I still give them my everything and attention.

When I do something they don't particularly like. they shout at me or kick me and lock me up. Even though I cry, they continue to be angry. Though, I still love them with all my heart.

I love my human so much.

I still guard her.

Just... up here with new friends.

See, there was an incoming car towards her.

She didn't noticed.

I pulled and broke the leash,

and pushed her to the other side of the road.

And soon enough, the cold metal car hit me.

Sad, ain't it?

Oh gosh, I haven't introduced myself, haven't I?!

I'm just a pet. Like everybody else's.

And I love them more than myself.

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