An Enemy Was Once A Friend
An Enemy Was Once A Friend army stories

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If you think every war that happened in every history book that said everybody at that exact place were not friends before, I have to disagree. Sometimes, our enemies were once our friends. Best friends. Childhood friends. Either forced or chosen to be separated.

But imagine the pain to know you have to die with that friend? And you know?

They'll die to be your enemy not a friend.

An Enemy Was Once A Friend

by biancatheresehc


I muttered and felt dumbstruck. We were facing who we will be against this war. The sun was up before us, and nothing can be warmer than the weather.

Everything was so quiet yet this wasn't peaceful. We were in war where nobody nor no one was friends.

That's what I thought.

As I looked over the sea of soldiers, colonels, leaders, and captains, I froze. Something was terribly familiar. And it scared me. A soldier. A hero who isn't afraid of anything on Earth.

At first, I fought it, I told myself it was a dream, and probably the hallucinations of the weather. But no.

"Stop!" I bellowed.

There. There who stood in the crowds of who we shall fight and kill... was my childhood friend.

A friend I used to know and trust.

And the back of my mind knew he was going to die with me.

Not as my ally, but my enemy.

"No... no!" I felt angry.

My heart was racing. I could not kill him! I can't stand to know we were enemies!

He stood in front of me, his face, expressionless. My eyes fixed at him hardly. Didn't he recognize me?! Did we both change so much, we forgot each other?

Well, nothing about that mattered now.

This was the friend I used to know.

I can't let anyone -especially myself- kill him.

I grabbed the front of his uniform furiously. "Why?! How could you do this?! How could you?!" I shouted, not caring about everyone else around us.

Mayne there were some who found their friends at the opposite side too. Maybe it happened like this.

But no matter how loudly I shouted, he had no response. None. He didn't even blink back. Just the same shocked and blank expression unlike mine.

All guns and canons pointed at us and towards the opposite side threateningly.

Then did I notice that tears were streaming from his eyes. "Hold! 3...2...1! FIRE!"

"Wait." I muttered.

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