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After so many adventures when and where, I finally came to the one I gone on before. Me. My little self. So here it is. The chance Time gave. When I met myself.

• When I Met Myself •

by biancatheresehc

There was a time when I met myself.

A time I travelled secretly. A travel of time where no one knew. To a place familiar. My old bedroom.

It was smaller than I remembered. The lumpy old bed. The lamps and toys. My clothes scattered everywhere. This was definitely me. But my face fell as I saw me.

Me. My little me. Time gave me permission to see myself for once. And I cannot express how happy I'll be to meet me. Again.

When I met myself...

... she was younger than what I thought she would be.

She was very interesting than what I remember, honestly. Her face resembled mine, but much more innocent and sweet. And the way she looked so excited?

I was completely speechless. I missed the old feeling. The old feeling where happiness filled you as a kid. Yet it was too late now. And it seemed useless to even mourn over the topic.

My heart lept with joy as I saw her. She ran to me and examined my face. Her curious self didn't even bother asking who I am. She just... smiled at me. The same smile that was on mine.

"Are you okay?"

I began to tear up and wiped the tears away. I wanted to go back to my childhood so bad.

"Y-Yes. I am. And you?" Her smile grew bigger. She then hugged me, patted my back like how I wanted until now, and wiped the tears off my face gently. .

"I'm... great! Please don't be sad anymore, miss." Her eyes looked at mine like a mirror. After all, she was looking at her older self. We both sat on the bed and she leaned her head on mine.

"What's your name?"

"Bianca." I told her. Oh, I tell you, another wide smile grew on her face. "That's MY name too! That's so cool!" she squealed. A laugh came from me that made her laugh as well.

"And you look a lot like me!" Her finger poked my cheek playfully. "I know. You look like me too. That's because I'm you." I told her. She found it a bit silly. "I'm you, and you're me?" I nod.

"I'm you from the future." She just stared at me. Maybe because I confused a child enough. But little me didn't complain of not understanding. "Really? Well, so I'll be you... when I'm older!"

"I guess you can say that." I replied. Her eyes lit up. "Wait... so I'll be you soon, then can you tell me stories?!" She had so much to learn and so much to explore as well.

I missed realizing I will do that. Learn. Explore. "I'm afraid I'm not allowed to tell you anything about the future." "Oh." "I'm sorry." She rolled her eyes jokingly. "It's alright!"

But she paused and smirked evilly. It was a sign I had something planned. "Wait... but can you give me advice?" she asked curiously. I rubbed my chin and raised an eyebrow.

"I see no trouble that can cause. As long as it doesn't meddle with our present." Little me clapped her hands. "Yey! Go on! Tell me advice!"

I paused first. "Little me, if you ever come across any mistakes and errors, don't be afraid. Stand up to them. Embrace them. Because they shape you more to who you are than achievements...

Never regret a decision. You brought it upon yourself, so don't back down and give it to somebody else. "Don't regret life. Be happy. Love. Dream. Trust. Have faith. Be sassy if you have to.

Just remember, everything is going to be fine. One day, it'll be over. And you'll be happy. Pain will come but there is no forever to it unless you allow it to. Okay?"

And on that day, I felt wise. Not only did I give advice to before but even now. And I felt happy for once and all because I saw Little Me. I hugged her, kissed her forehead, and headed back.

Now I was back to the present. Writing and typing what just happened. It feels... awesome. I guess. Amazing. Incredible. But y'know? I'll never forget that day Time allowed me that chance.

That chance when I met myself.

And I knew, I was going to see her again. Soon.

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