Warm hands of a delicately complex and understated friend
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biamareDon't give up your youth
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Warm hands of a delicately complex and understated friend

by biamare

Unforeseen as it may have begun, we have eventually grown closer as the time went on

Left as a consequence of the past, I ached to reach out for you

At first, averse to the touch, to the affection I wished to give you,

you seemed distant, uninterested

Later on, however, I'd come to understand the reason

But just how did we become this close?

Or rather, are we really close?

Questions of the body would split from questions of the mind

Physical contact has never meant emotional closure

Visions of intimacy, words of intimacy, full of ambiguity, are what you've been showing me

But would that make us intimate?

How come whenever eyes are turned away from us, you become so tender?

Every slight movement, every small word makes it seem like we are close Closer than ever

Soon it breaks and I'm left to wonder,

with all that's happened we should, in mind, be closer

Although for you, it was a question of the body

Whenever we hold hands, the memory that stays is your warmth

But was it really warm, as in a way to transmit your love, or was your body heat just high?

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