Thinking about you
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biamareDon't give up your youth
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Thinking about you

by biamare

I feel like I've reached a new low

Wishing for things I can't have

Thinking and rethinking of things I know I shouldn't

I try to keep my mind busy throughout the day

But when the night falls the thoughts that come are always the same

And with the delirium, I let my mind drift, in pleasure

When I come back to myself reality hits hard, and I'm left sitting there, longing

I'm sick of feeling weak but I can't resist the constant provocation of those words

So I give in, and in my head I repeat the words said that time

Day and night, Thinking of you

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
7 months agoReply
This is akin to a lot of very popular songs. That illustrates the universality of your message. You did an excellent job putting your thoughts and anguish forward. Great poem!!!!