The beast underneath
The beast underneath  monsters-under-your-bed stories

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The beast underneath the bed

The beast underneath

The beast he lurks under there

He frightens me so with terror

His snarls rumble up above

I can hear them from under there

His claws scrape my bedpost

They sound so dangerous and long

It's only a matter of time, before the beast is done

I feel the pulling of my ankle, not wanting to check what is it

For if I were to check, I may just reconsider this

But what has the beast done now,except merely tug my ankle

As I think this, I feel the pain on my side explode with realization

I have been stricken, cut to the side, marked with a edge

It had been the beast, he was clearly surfacing the bed

I always thought he would stay down under

Never to come up and wander

But now the beast is here

And it looks like the end of my time is near

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