My Sun
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bhintunar A Learner
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His name means Sun
And he is my darling Sun

My Sun

by bhintunar

His name means Sun And he is my beloved Sun

Giving me enormous light By burning ownself bright He wasn't there in my night But he is my treasured light

His eyes are of caramel color Whenever landed on me they melted over Then caramel became my favorite flavour That I will always happily devour

His skin is as pale as white Always sparkling in the daylight Making me feel warm and light Whenever he embraces me tight

His voice lands so softly in my ear Tingling my soul whenever I hear No there is nothing I need to fear Whenever he stands with me so near

His fingers strumming my body like a guitar His lips composing a song like a popstar Filling my heart with millions of star My sun shines bright still from afar

Cause his name means Sun And he is my darling Sun

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