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betweenusILYSB. 20. I write shit.
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A love that'll last an eternity.

Sun & Moon

by betweenus

We live in the sky up above, at times we gaze at each other

We live parallel lives, we belong together but we are destined to be apart

I'd extinguish all the light I got left in me if it meant I could be with you in the dark

I'm envious of the stars for they belong with you in the night, I think about me being one of them, but I'm forever bound to daylight

Nothing has ever been fair between us

We love each other, that much I know, I live for the day I get to press your lips against my own

Anticipating the few seconds when I can have you in my arms, the moment I finally get you to dance with me

The world stops and stares at the way I show you how much I love you

Then it's gone all together, and the feeling of emptiness embraces me

But I'd wait an eternity for our next encounter, our next eclipse

Because there's nothing like you and I, me and you, sun and moon

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