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betweenus ILYSB. 20. I write shit.
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In the midst of all of this chaos going around the world we live in, I felt inspired to write this and show some of my thoughts on the situation and how most of this generation likes to live on a state of oblivion.

Open Your Eyes

by betweenus

Is this the world we want, is this really how it’s supposed to be? I don’t know but about that, but those are the types of thoughts people only get at 63.

Don’t ever get into that politics mess, my and live your life, all this will soon pass. But what life should I be living? The one the sick and twisted society’s protocol crafts?

Perhaps… Did you hear about the shooting last night? Not really, but hey, my post got over a hundred likes!

I saw a mom crying over her kid… he took his own life tonight. That’s sad… the new IOS update sucks though, am I right?

Wait could we like talk about life? Sure, but, what’s there to talk about?

I don’t know…what’s on your mind? I think you shouldn’t eat all of that, no one wants fat.

Aren’t there a whole lot of bigger issues that matter more than that? If you ever wanna get married, that’s the only problem you’ll have.

Could you maybe stop looking at your phone for just awhile? Can’t, I’m doing a Facebook live.

Children are dying all over the world…don’t you care about that? I sure do! I tweeted about it last night.

I think you should get your facts right. People never change, you know that right?

Maybe they could. Just stop. The world could heal, if only we learned a thing or two about love.

Those are all lies. It only takes a change of heart.

Shut up. Wake up.

I think you should rid yourself of all those childish cries. And I think you should just open your eyes.

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