The eyes of the young
The eyes of the young  eye stories

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The eyes of a person are a portal to their soul, this is a story bout a person as they grow up. (Tis gendernutral and I hope if any of you guys feel like this at any time please don't be afraid to message me) *Trigger warning*(Mentions self harm and suicide)

The eyes of the young

Track one~ The eyes of the young, Their eyes so full of wonder and awe, look up towards the sky. Wondering about the clouds, the sun, the stars. Lighting up at the sheer mention of food or toys. Looking to their parents for guidance.

Track two~ The eyes of the child, So close yet so far, staring at the birds on the horizon. Wishing to be free, wishing to just do what they want.So eager to please yet still so displeased when told what to do. They want to be free but long to be led.

Track Three~ The eyes of the stressed, Bairly 14 yet having already seen what the world can do.Having been rejected for what they can't change and changing what they could, they became a model student but left behind their childhood in the process.Their views and opinions oppressed and boxed up, they search for an outlet to revive their soul.

Track four~The eyes of the reckless, still searching for whats missing they turn to the dark and dreary. Using sharp objects and self-inflicted pain to dull their emotions.Hiding behind a fake smile and arsenal of sarcasm. They hide their pain, while slowly withdrawing into themselves.

Putting up walls and barring their heart deeper in the cavern, so that they don't shed a tear, so the emotions that have already been vague and far between don't completely disappear.

Track five~ The eyes of the lonely, The eyes that used to be so bright stare aimlessly at the page, questing every thought and every gesture, reading too much or far too little.

The image of their parents which used to be so fine sits shattered in the corner, leading them to fall deeper into the hole they dug themselves.The world which used to be so great seems dull and not worth staying in.

Track six~ The eyes of the gone, taken too soon, their body barely taken down.Their folks left weeping in the corner reading the note barley scribbled down, hoping that they can hold on, just a little bit longer.Having never heard the weeps and sorrow they didn't see it coming, they never seem to.

Their father sees them first just hanging there with the chair just out of reach, he quickly pulled them down.Leaving marks where the noose of bed sheets dug into their skin as he tugs to pull it loose. Having called the ambulance their mother now weeps, wondering where they went wrong.

Hoping they weren't too late. The ambulance arrives and takes her away, stating that they will try but they don't know what will happen.

Track seven~ The eyes of the broken, they woke up in the ward, their parents right beside, weeping over the one they thought they lost.Asking countless questions and receiving barely any answers. They think of what went wrong and promise to do better. They hope that their child can get better.They sit there weeping, crying out about the pain, about the sorrow that no words can describe.

The feeling of being underwater and hearing and seeing as if they are looking in, They don't seem to see their child's pain, it takes awhile for it to sink in. They check her in for a long stay.

Track eight ~ The eyes of the hopeful, they stay there for a while, the world slowly coming back to focus, slowly they talk, they talk about why, why they did it and what pushed them over the edge. They think about all that they forgot. They dream of a life worth living.

Track nine~ The eyes of the living, they slowly get better, they switch schools and start fresh, living for the day and for themselves, they forget about their past and become who they want to be. No longer bound by box they were placed into. Sure there's still the bad days, but they've learned to see past them and ask for help.No longer relying on themselves they learn to live with the pain.

Track Ten~ The finale, they finally accept themself, they hope to help others, so that's what they do, getting better with every word breathed, they help heal others and themself. They hope to learn and hope to see the world, they've realized their dream and work to achieve it. Taking every day as it comes and living the rollercoaster that is their life, relying on their family and friends to get them through.

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