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What do you think of when you hear the word school?


What do you think of when you hear the word school?

Do you think of the feeling of falling?

Of being in a dark tunnel with no escape in sight?

Where your very essence is drained bit by bit by bit.

Where you can plan and try with all your might only to continually fail or not meet others expectations?

But then again there's also a bit of light in the darkness

There's your friends

The ones who will always stay with you

The ones who you love

The ones who never seem to leave no matter how much you've tried to push them away

They feel the same as you.

As the school system that was meant to bring up the education standard

Only seems good at tearing it down

Taking away a persons individuality and replacing it with a lump of clay

A lump in which they can mold and shape into their ideal image.

And what if you attempt to sick out or you're just not good at the work?

Then you're bullied

If not bullied you're beaten and bruised until you conform

And then if you still don't conform

You fail

See the system has made failing a matter of anything below a 50, but they seem to forget that for some of us a 50 is great. It means we came and we fought and in our own way we won.

But they still rate your work based on the provincial standard.

Of getting the work that's been deemed necessary for everyday life.

They neglect our mental health

They neglect our need to relax

They neglect US

In hopes that we will keep it hidden

As they don't learn to adapt and expand their teaching methods

But we are made to adapt and learn new material continually.

And if you ask for help?

You're seen as weak

You're seen as dumb and stupid

Your teacher looks at you like you have three heads and doesn't bother to actually help you in any way.

Expecting you to just get it right off the bat

Although that's because that's what they were told to do

They were told to explain and expand but not teach

For truly teaching students comes straight from the heart

When your teacher truly enjoys their job and teachers to help make the new found learning process fun and exciting.

So maybe our problem with school is really the teachers and the system the boards have set up in order to optimise the hours of learning.

And maybe that is why I've grown to hate school

They cram a ton of new information down our already thin necks

In hopes that we absorb it and make the necessary connections to further the previous days learning even if we don't remember exactly what that was.

The already fragile system balances itself out by enflaiting some children's egos and deflating others.

So we all walk a thin wire, balancing our selfs in the middle so we don't crack under the pressure. Or if not even that so we don't fall out of the teachers' graces.

In hopes that we truly do finally learn something one day.

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