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Have you ever wanted to fly? Fly away from all your troubles?

For to fly away

Have you ever wanted to fly?

Fly away from all your troubles?

Your failure? Your Regret?

Away from your friends and your family?

Away from the few people who make you believe that you can live a thousand lives?

Perhaps like myself you all have felt this way many times

As if the pros outweigh the many cons

For who really would care if you caught the next bus out of town and never returned?

But what about those who wait in the shadows for you to respond?

Those who only wish to see and feel your presence?

What about your pets?How do you think they would feel if you suddenly did not come home?

Would they perhaps run away to find you? Would you take them with you?

For to fly away you need to take a lot of risks

You need to risk the fall

Risk the hope and the light of day

Risk your memories

Risk your hope

And most of all you must risk your life.

But for most of us, this 'life' I keep speaking of is nonexistent so what keeps us in one place?

Perhaps its the fear of failure?

Maybe it's the safety of a home?

Maybe its that special kind of love from that special person that keeps you here?

Waiting for your chains to be broken so you can finally fly.

But maybe just maybe it's the realization that once you are finally free you can never go back to being chained up. Living in fear of your next move or your latest cry for help.

From that moment on your truly on your own. Or so you believe, but in reality, you are never truly alone. There will always be at least one person who will be there for you.

So just break your chains and fly away

For when you will always be welcomed home again.

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