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I don't know about you guys but I fear love


I don't know about you guys but I fear love

I fear the fall

Of the expectations

The predetermined destinations

The smiles that hide for miles

The fact that it always ends

Sure a hand to hold would be nice

Some cuddling would be great

But the emotions

The heartbreak

The rabbit hole I will surely fall down

The fact that once it's over its never the same

But you don't know

Don't know all my thoughts

My thoughts our glorious but never shared

Sharing is hard

What if I share too much or too little?

Then what happens when they leave?

When my expectations become too heavy and we collapse

I become too cold

too needy

too hard to love

Too dependant

I share too much and scare them off

I share too little and they stick around a little longer

But leave later anyways

Even with my guarded heart and deep scars

Somehow someone manages to get by

But I'm stuck with the side effects

of the sleepless nights wondering if they are thinking the same.

Of thinking about too much and becoming overwhelmed

But still, I love the idea of love but hate the reality

So I stay in my tower built for one

With my piles of fiction and pads of paper thinking things out for myself

Leaving love in the back of my mind

So I do not feel the failure that it's accompanied by.

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