Why I Like Cats!
Why I Like Cats! cat stories

bettyv Anything Might Happen
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People love cats

Why I Like Cats!

People love cats But you never own one!

A dog is mans best friend A cat is not mans best friend A cat is a cat's best friend

Don't let that purring little feline bastard fool you They may curl up on your lap But only if it suits them Not because you want them to

If you fall down the stairs A dog will stand guard A cat will leg it Or start to eat you

Completely self interested And honest to the end

We invited them in They choose stay Because they want to They are free spirits Thats why I like cats

Ancient Chinese Saying Originally cats ruled the world After three days they got bored and delegated it to the rest of us!

This is mine 'Velcro' giving his opinion of the world!

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