A damned good use!
A damned good use! use stories
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bettyv Anything Might Happen
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"This looks about the right shape"

A damned good use!

"This looks about the right shape" Jimmy said giving the tree an appraising look. Ned frowned "it looks a bit skinny to me." Jimmy smiled, "you always say that, I need a new door and this will do just fine." he sprayed yellow paint on the one he wanted.

Ned sighed "ok tomorrow morning we can come and get it, but I think the one next door looks a better bet." They reached the truck to find old man Saunders leaning on the fender. They both groaned, old man Saunders was at least 800 and about as crazy as a box of frogs.

"Leave the trees alone" he said "you don't take the trees from here I told you before." "We need the wood" Jimmy said, "It's going to good use, I need a new front door." The old man shook his head, "I can show you where there is a good fallen one he said."

The men ignored him and got into the truck. Sauders stuck his shaggy beanrded head in at the drivers window. "You will offend the old Gods he said, you don't want to do that." They drove off and left the old man standing there.

Saunders turned and bowed to the trees in apology. He wondered what Jimmy and Ned would have said if he had seen the trees bow back. They upped their roots and linked branches, strolling off to the other side of the forest. One of them was moaning about the yellow paint.

Old man Saunders smiled. You really didn't want to offend the old Gods he thought.

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