Harry's Cupcake I'm having a 1950's Miss Marple type afternoon. All very British
                  Harry's Cupcake

I'm having a 1950's Miss Marple type afternoon. All very British jellyfish stories

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She always said I was a jellyfish.

Harry's Cupcake I'm having a 1950's Miss Marple type afternoon. All very British

She always said I was a jellyfish. Spineless and lacking in substance or vigour. I guess my sister had a point, after all I put up with her bullying all these years. Millicent used to tease me in front of her friends. "Oh don't mind Henry he's only here to clip the roses, make the tea and carry the shopping."

She controlled pretty much everything in our lives from what we ate to how much we spent. We were a middle aged brother and sister couple living our boring middle class lives in a boring rented house in a dull English village.

I had a large windfall the other week that Millicent knows nothing about. A triple accumulator on the gee gees came up. She has no idea about my fluttering with the horses, and quite a lot of other things that I keep very quiet.

So now I have a comfortable stash of cash all of my own which I intend to put to good use. The first thing I did was to buy two first class rail tickets to a little town on the coast.

Then I bought myself a new suitcase and a new suit which I hid in the garden shed because Millicent checks my room regularly for contraband. She won't go into the shed because of spiders. Finally I made one phonecall when Millicent was out with her horrible cronies. Then I packed up and left for good.

I waited at the station nervous and anxious to be off. At the last minute Mrs Armitage arrived, she is always late. Mrs Armitage is a large loud widow who lives in our village. Millicent says she is low and common and not our sort at all.

I think she is wonderful, she is funny and loving and she cooks food a man might die for. We have been seeing each other for a long long time. I have spent many happy afternoons in her arms in her room above the pub where she is the barmaid. Millicent thinks I am playing bowls. I hate bowls!

I am going to buy Mrs Armitage a little tea shop like I always promised. She can make her cakes and I will put on an apron and serve the customers with tea and buns. I have asked Mrs Armitage to be my wife and she has said yes, so it is all settled.

Oh and I bought Millicent's cottage. I am now her landlord so she will have to be civil and polite to me and to Mrs Armitage. If she makes a fuss then I will have to see about putting the rent up. If she behaves then I will probably leave it as it is.

She will be mortified when the whole village gets to hear about me running off to start a tea shop with Mrs Armitage. Everyone will laugh and say good for old Henry who would have thought it, him and Elsie Armitage. Millicent will just have to lump it!

We will be blissfully happy, Elsie won't mind if I nip off for a pint on a Sunday evening, she will probably come with me. She lets me have my dinner on a tray in front of the radio. Millicent would never do that. In the winter we will sell pies and hot soup, and if we feel like it we will shut up the shop and take a little trip somewhere sunny.

That's the thing about Jellyfish they always have a sting in the tail.

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