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bettyv Anything Might Happen
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Dark things happen here!

The Void

Dark things happen here!

They always have. It's one of those places. Hundreds years of naughtiness have sunk into the flint lined walls of the chamber and turned it sour.

It's an apple with a rotten core, looks ok from the outside-but oooh when you take a bite!

Long ago bodies were stored down here. The ones that they felt were unfit for the church above. Suicides, murder victims, unbaptised babes.

People who had just been hanged. Even bad seeds need to be planted somewhere

Silly really, a body is just a body no matter how it met its end. An empty box, the chocolates have all been eaten!

Once it was candles and lanterns coming down the rickety wooden stairs, very atmospheric. Now there is an electric light and they use the space for the freezer and the safe.

Visitors don't stay long. They catch a glimpse of movement out of the corner of one eye and they are off topside. Shutting the hatch firmly behind them.

Funny how they always remember to slide the big iron lock across before they leave the church, just in case. They don't want anything following them home through the darkness.

Tonights visitor has lingered. He has a broken leg.

The stairs have always been tricky, he knows that but he was nervous. He's been the Verger here for many years, I know him well.

He comes down often, to visit the safe and to put the silver and the cash away.

Now and then he puts a little less away than he should. Well the gambling debts are rising, the new Vicar is suspicious about the accounts and he's getting desperate.

There's a lovely candlestick that only gets used at Christmas, he's had his eye on it for a while. He pats it fondly like a dog when he's thinking about how much money it will bring.

It's July and he has a good few months before they notice.

The hatch is shut and it might be a week or more before anyone thinks to look down here. It's damp so he won't die of thirst. There is food in the freezer if he can reach.

The bulb went when he fell, so he's laying in complete darkness.


He thinks he's in for a rough time

He has no idea of how rough that might be.

After all he hasn't met me yet!

My first attempt at writing something a little darker!

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