Two Yoked Oxen
Two Yoked Oxen oxen stories

bettyv Anything Might Happen
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Behaving like a great big Ox!

Two Yoked Oxen

"It's easy Geoffrey" he said "I was the new boy so I listened"

"We go up" "We turn around" "We go down again" "Simple really"

"I sighed" "What's up?" Eric said "I sighed again and said" "I thought there might be a bit more to reincarnation than this"

"He gave me a funny look" "It's great. We just plough up and down thinking about life all day. Sometimes we stop. Sometimes we let one rip to fertilise the field. Then we carry on again"

"At the end of the day we eat a load of hay and snooze in the stable. What could be better" "I wasn't convinced." "See him up there on the cart. He has all sorts of stuff to worry about." "Crop prices, and will he make enough to get through the winter because the kids need new shoes"

"He's constantly worrying. But we just plough up and down with nothing to bother us." "I was beginning to get the message. I just munched on my hay and thought about it." "Being an Ox this time around instead of an accountant was starting to look much better."

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