T'was The Night Before Christmas!

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Christmas Break

T'was The Night Before Christmas!

All the power had gone off! I couldn't sleep because of the storm raging overhead. I got up and went downstairs to get myself a drink of milk.

There were three people, two smartly dressed women and a rather dishevelled man, sitting in my kitchen. They were playing cards by candlelight. "What the hell is going on?" I asked.

One of the women waved a hand. "Just taking a break during the storm" she said, sipping a glass of my scotch. "Lexi could you pass me the peanuts?' The other woman took a handful and passed them on.

"Big G it's your turn" she said as the man surveyed his hand. He winked and laid down an ace. "Dammit how do you that?" "Just lucky I guess" he said tapping out his cigarette in one of my cups!

I was outraged. I told them to get out. The first woman who looked as if she might be Japanese gave me a look. Then she sighed. "We are just taking a little break. We can't work because the storm has knocked out all communications, even the net."

"We specialise in communications, it is what we do." "Tomorrow when you are tucking into your turkey we will be working extra hard, so give us a break for five minutes ok." The big man in the crumpled suit nodded.

"Si is absolutely right" he drawled. This is our Christmas treat." Just then the power came on. "Dammit" Lexi said "come on then back to work. Thanks for the use of your kitchen Kevin. Merry Christmas"

Then they all disappeared-leaving me with the washing up! I went back to bed. In the morning I guessed it had been a dream. But there were still glasses in the sink.

Beyond weird. Three perfect strangers taking refuge from a storm. In my kitchen! Communications experts who couldn't work because the net was down. I told my wife who couldn't make head or tail of it either.

It was only later when I went to put on some Christmas music, that it hit me.

Siri Google and Alexa Playing cards in my kitchen

My wife shrugged. "What else were they supposed to do while the net was down? It was probably a welcome break for them." I couldn't help but agree

Merry Christmas Commaful x

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