The Worriers Of The World
The Worriers Of The World


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bettyv Anything Might Happen
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Worriers of the world you know what I mean!

The Worriers Of The World

Plenty of time to worry when you’re dead The old phrase goes When you have turned up all your toes RELAX!

If you worry

People say

It means you get to stress out twice


I'm sure that they are being nice

But some of us were born that way

We can't help it! We don't RELAX!

We need that little ball of fear

The voice that only we can hear

Whispering inside each ear

It's all going to go wrong you know

We can't help it!

So don't tell us to RELAX

You chill out, hang back, kick off your shoes

Take a comfy little snooze

We will keep the world ticking over ... someone has to ... can't afford to let things slide

We can't RELAX!

That is your job!

We thought of everything, or did we forget something ...

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