The Embankment
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bettyv Anything Might Happen
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Dark is a place

The Embankment

Dark is a place

It's a space in your head

Not under the bed

Where monsters reside

They hide and sneak out

From behind your self doubt

The wall that you built

Full of loathing and guilt

For yourself

They constantly ooze

You can always choose

To kill them with booze

But they don't like to lose

When the bottle gets low

And you know That they wait

To feed the self hate

That is sitting in there

Please take care

The embankment is where

No one can follow

It's cold, it rings hollow

It just takes one more swallow

To find yourself there

Clarissa Dixon Wright TV fat-lady chef and alcoholic said Going to the embankment meant a dark place where none could follow. It was not beside the River Thames it was inside your own head. I hope I did her justice!

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