The ballad of Mr Smith and Mrs Brown
The ballad of Mr Smith and Mrs Brown love stories

bettyv Anything Might Happen
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I wanted to write a love story in rhyme and see how far I could get with it. 2 people meeting on a park bench : )

The ballad of Mr Smith and Mrs Brown

I loved you in silence For so many years And some tears I watched you go And grow into someones wife You got on with your life

I stayed behind Minding the shop Mother drained my last drop I'm sixty three, There has never really been another we Mum saw to that, any chance she squashed it flat

So we lived in the flat Above the store But mum is no more She's dead and gone So I can move on

You hate your old man Let's leave while we can He's a pig with his fist You won't be missed Except to hear his rants And to wash and scrub his pants

Run away, take a train Leave a note to explain Our life could be good If only you would Agree to be brave

Save yourself Rescue me, set us free Can't you see I need you to be mine Say yes and it's fine Just go home and get packed Lets act

I don't want to spend another minute without you in it Oh you brought your things Left your rings on a shelf With a note and your key Wrote you were running off with me

Said you had to go Because you love me so Oh that's grand Take my hand Molly Brown Give it a squeeze You little tease I thought you would say no

You know I feel the same With no sense of shame Let's be off and make a life together Forever Just Molly and Joe The way it was so long ago

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