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We met him on the beach.

Summer Magic

We met him on the beach. He was tubby and bearded, wearing shorts and wandering along with his dog. He was nice, he said he was in-between jobs and enjoying a break.

The kids liked him, he showed them how to make animals out of folded paper. Sometimes we would all go for coffee and juice, once he treated us all to breakfast. I said it was too much. I am a widower with three kids I couldn't afford to pay him back.

He laughed and said not to worry. Come September the kids had to go back to school and I started looking for a job. He told me he was leaving because he had to go back to work.

We shook hands and he told me it would all be fine. Fat lot he knew. Come Christmas I was still out of work. I had a decent job lined up for January, but things were tight. I knew the kids were going to be disappointed at their cheap presents.

Christmas morning things got weird. Small presents, beautifully wrapped appeared in the kids stockings. They seemed really happy and I didn't wan't to spoil the day so I didn't let on that I hadn't put them there. Under the tree there was one for me and a hamper full of goodies.

I opened my present after lunch and I smiled. It was a reindeer with a red painted nose, it was made of folded paper.

I seemed like there really was a Santa Claus. I guess he needed a holiday every now and then, just like the rest of us. We had a wonderful day, it was just magical!

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